Sometimes it Fros in April

This past weekend was supposed to be the introduction the Frogressive Atlanta chapter heads, and then on April 21, tragedy struck when Prince Rogers Nelson passed away at his Paisely Park compound in Chanhassen, Minnesota. We pay tribute to his life and legacy with the following images shot originally in tribute to Nik West, badass bass player, friend and protege to Prince. Chuck (Frogressive Head) has prepared the words below:

Dearly Froloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. Electric, Prince himself said that sometimes it snows in April and it did indeed snow when our froloved Prince died. As young frolites we have to remember all of his words (the ones that are safe for kids of mom still won't let me listen to Darling Nikki), and remember life is just a party and parties weren't meant to last.  It's important to make the rules, then break them and in the end we will smoke them all with intellect and savor-faire. To Prince we say... no one in the whole universe will ever compare. Fro Love and Fro Life always, The Frogressives.

Dear Mama: The Press Conference

Dear Mama: The Press Conference

L to R: Avery-Harper, Chuckie-Sly, Ellie, Nyla, Roman, Rae Not sure where Jax ran off to.

L to R: Avery-Harper, Chuckie-Sly, Ellie, Nyla, Roman, Rae Not sure where Jax ran off to.

Out on bail, fresh out of jail, Frogressive dreaming, soon as they stepped on stage they heard reporters screaming...

Shortly after bonding out of jail, the Dallas chapter of the Frogressives held a press conference to discuss their recent arrest. They did not allow video recordings. A portion of the transcript from that press conference is as follows:

Chuckie Sly *taps mic*-Mic Check 1,2 -1, this thing on?

Avery-Harper(Public Relations Manager aka Voice of Reason with Unreasonable Frogressives): You're good.

Chuckie Sly: I would just like to go on record and 1st say don't ever change, keep your essence, the power is in the people and the politics we address. We will forever continue to Frogress.

Nyla: *whispers* Wait...are you quoting Tupac again?

Chuckie: Absolutely, he's a prophet.

Ellie: WAS. He WAS a prophet.

Chuckie Sly: IS. my cousin told me he lives in Cuba now.

Avery-Harper: We will begin the press conference now, there will be no questions, just listen.

Chuckie Sly: They've got money for war but can't feed the poor, and accosted us while Frogressiving in public for being Fresher Than Your Average in Public?! Although the charges were dropped, the fact that we were even arrested when there are Brenda's out on the streets with babies that need assistance is a gross misuse of resources. I wrote a piece that summed up my feelings about this past week but I left it tucked in my satin pillowcase this morning. So I'll freestyle:

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice / I say the the bigger the fro then the deeper the roots / I give a holler to my sisters on rubber bands / Chuckie cares, if nobody else cares / I know they like to pull your edges a lot and when you come around the block straight haired kids clown a lot / but please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up / forgive but don’t forget, loosen those bands up kid keep your head up. I think it’s time to chill with our fros / time to heal our fros, be real to our fros,( coconut oil our fros). And if we don’t, we’ll have a generation of bros / that will hate the pros, that rock their fros. And if that kid can’t make one / he has no right to tell a Frogressive when and where to rock one....Wars come and go but the Frogressive party is eternal.  And that's all we have to say. *drops mic*

Avery-Harper:  Well...that was terrible.

Lock Up: Frogressive Stay

Recently the Dallas Chapter of The Frogressive Party were all arrested and charged with being Fresher Than Your Average in Public. The FroGressives are a playlitical party that began in Dallas, Texas and now has ties to New York City and Atlanta. They are unapologetic about who they are and proud to rock their progressive fros. They believe that there is strength in numbers and that fros united will never be divided, whether fro-life or fro-choice. The Frogressives believe in fro-love and are committed to helping other playliticians stay informed on current trends on all things natural hair, miniature fashion, and altruism. At the time of arrest they were armed with afro-pics, but not dangerous. Check out their mugshots below and stay tuned for the official press conference.